Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT & Robotics

Our US group of concerns are into high level technology products and solutions, which caters the industry verticals like Energy, Engineering, Oil field, Flow Technology and IT productivity etc. We are currently on new technologies in the area of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It is specially engineered products and services for Indoor mapping, Geophysical survey, City mapping, Digital mapping and Retail.

Intelligent Data Capturing using IoT (Retail)

  • Machines are scanning RFID with 99-100% accuracy
  • 5-7xfaster than half scanning
  • Localization of taxes and viewing of store map
  • Covering of front and back of store
  • Sales location & heat mapping by time of day.

Continuous data collection is the key to deeper insight

Industry challenges
  • Labor cost are increasing
  • Out of stocks, 5% in loss of revenue
  • Analytics costs are rising
  • Suppliers stands to use another 2% of revenue
  • Automatic data capture system

    Data services like network assessment
  • RFID inventory and mapping
  • store imaging and visualization
  • Indoor store mapping of floor plants, planograms and products
  • Intelligent Data Capturing using IoT (Retail)

  • Improving Healthcare with tele presents
  • Tele presents machines can be driven remotely using a smart phone or laptop
  • Tele presents devises provided isolated patients with access to supportive family members, counsellors and experiences of interesting remote locations
  • Solution for city mapping, Digital Mapping & geophysical Mapping

    Complete Mapping solutions with drone and data tools

  • Use commander to easily plans and fly your machine and upload your data for processing
  • Collect data with your DJI drone
  • View and analyse your data markup measure overlay and share

  • Ground Control Station (GCS) is a flexible and universal solution for controlling unmanned vehicles and payloads. By using a unique, modular electronics compartment (MEC), application specific hardware can be quickly installed. This flexibility allows the GCS to be configured to control unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), ground robots, bomb disposal robots, remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and other robotic devices. The GCS can also be configured to control and monitor measurement and sensing equipment.

    Software converts thousands of images into:- 3D Point Cloud, 3D Digital Surface, Model Orthomosaic